放射線防護システム・ウォール AQUABarrieR

This wall-unit is transparent, and prevents radiation exposure by the water as a radiation barrier, the system can be easily placed.


This AQUABarrieR is a wall-mounted radiation protection unit that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This system-wall is transparent and the system can be wall-mounted, simply preventing subject from radiation exposure. Installation and relocation is easy, just by pouring water or any functional fluid to the tank at the site will complete the job.
The water, indeed, plays a role as the radiation barrier. Attenuation of performance does not occur by any duration of time. It is simply composed of one unit only, and it can be connected freely according to shape or length of location. It is intended for use in concerned areas such as schoolyards, parks, private gardens, school roads and the incomplete boundary between the working area and the finished space of decontamination site.